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Hello, everyone! I'm an aspiring author with dreams (delusions) of success (grandeur). I've got pages listing my commission stats on various websites, but somehow I never got around to realizing I could set up here! I've been doing commission writing for 4 years now- if you're wondering about the quality of my work, I'm always more than happy to send samples. Pricing is negotiable depending on the commission in question, but the general guide is as follows:

Editing: Reviewing or consulting on others' work, idea-generation process (storyboarding)
    $12/hour- That works out to about $6 for a storyboard (usually 30 minute or less drafting process) that a corporate entity would charge upwards of $100 for, depending. Hell of a discount, if you ask me. Also, no obligation to continue at that point. Feel free to take the storyboard elsewhere, if you really want to.
Short Stories: Ranging from a few pages to a few chapters in length. Minor time drain. I'll take 10 at a time, no more.
    $5-10/chapter (5-10 pages)
Novellas: 5-10 chapters. Requires a significant dedication of my time to the project. Story continuity, character development over time, complex interpersonal communication and relations, etc. No more than 3 at a time.
    $8-$12/chapter, includes storyboard fee
Fanfiction (F): Fanfiction set in a universe with which I am familiar. Means I don't have to go watch/read to learn about it. Unlimited commission amount at any given time.
Fanfiction (NF): Fanfiction set in an unfamiliar universe. I need to go watch/read to get a sense of characters and world style. 5 at any given time.
Long-Runners/Novels: Stories that will continue for more than 10 chapters will receive a discount on both the per-chapter and storyboard cost- half-price for storyboard and $7 per chapter. Call it a "loyalty bonus". These will be in-depth, involved expenditures of labor and time. 
NSFW Content: Anything that could be viewed as NSFW will have an extra $5 added onto the total cost. It's not that I dislike it or have something against it, it's just more difficult for me to write. In novel/novella stories, this will be on a chapter-by chapter basis to compensate for the number of chapters.

Please keep in mind that these are baseline guides for approximation purposes, and all fees are negotiable. I don't just do this because it's fun, I do it because I'm good at it and it helps pay my bills. PM me if you're interested, I will also be joining the Writing Commissions DA group (if I haven't already) so that's probably where you'll find me. If a PM is not an option or too inconvenient, my Skype address is VS_DJ-P0N3 (yes, that's a zero.) and I'm reachable from 6-10 PM MST Mondays and Wednesdays, and from 6PM MST on Fridays until 1 AM MST on Sundays. Thanks for taking the time to consider me! 


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Kyle Tcheschelsky
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College student by necessity, author and voice-actor by profession. I also do network security and app development. Cheers!


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